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Each client and coach works uniquely together, and finds their own comfort level in the process of communicating, brainstorming, feedback, small exercises, and checking-in.

Reasons for you to enter into a coaching relationship:

  • You have difficulty maintaining a regular schedule
  • You are not sure what creative project you want to work on
  • You have overwhelming daily restrictions and limitations
  • You feel discouraged, anxious, and/or blocked in creating
  • You wish to brainstorm with someone about creativity issues
  • You feel lonely on your creative journey
  • You want to think through career issues
  • You are starting a new creative project
  • You dream of doing what you really want to do
  • You would like to nurture good creating habits

Some issues which may arise during the coaching process:

  • acknowledging one's own worthiness and gifts
  • choosing a meaningful project
  • affirming one's dreams
  • planning small steps for a project
  • tracking one's natural pace
  • assessing what works and what doesn't work
  • enjoying the process of creating
  • discovering tools to work with anxieties 
  • doing small exercises that enhance creating
  • nurturing one's own project and life
  • integrating creativity with health and spirituality
  • becoming confident to market

What one client says:

When I first contacted Louise, my focus was on marketing my work. Louise was open to discuss other issues as well. She brought several resources and strategies to my attention. She was encouraging and easy to open up to creatively. I enjoy working with Louise. Not only has my marketing options expanded, my creativity has reached a new level.

Laura Ries
Writer/Illustrator/Puzzle master





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