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Introducing Coach Louise

LOUISE is a creativity coach and facilitator of email groups. Since 1998 Louise, sometimes known as Pearl, has been a facilitator of email creativity recovery groups, brainstorming and planning groups, as well as health groups. She delights in encouraging people who want to live a creative lifestyle and to fulfill their dreams of creating.

Louise has had training and experience as a pastoral counsellor as well as a creativity coach. She used to coordinate a team of pastoral counsellors. Her training as a coach has been with Eric Maisel, author of Fearless Creating and many other books.

Louise is a member of the Creativity Coaching Association and her profile is featured here:

She supports those who are experiencing limitations and/or blocks because of chronic illness, disability, family stress, childhood experiences, and/or job pressures. Louise has Environmental Illness, Fibromyalgia, and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and so she has lots of experience integrating creativity challenges with lifestyle challenges.

Louise is a writer, artist, and greeting card designer. She enjoys journalling, writing poetry, screenplays, stories, articles, and workshop activities. She likes to learn new skills, such as embossing on parchment paper. She draws with charcoal and with coloured pencils.  Her favourite medium right now is watercolour crayons and she is experimenting with stained-glass effects, quilling, and photography for greeting cards. 

Louise is a Canadian and lives near the ocean.  She loves shells and pearls, as well as images of angels, animals, and flowers.

Louise has also been known to make up her own puzzles--jigsaw, logic, and wonderword. You can see a puzzle here and solve it for yourself: Puzzle Page

A mystery story winner [webpage unavailable right now]

A published article

A published poem


What one reader says about Inspiring Creativity

Louise, you are an inspiration! I just finished reading your article in Inspiring Creativity and it's fantastic. What a great book for you to be a part of.  I am so glad I ordered it, and think everyone should! 

Dawn M. Hunt, novelist






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Little Louise (charcoal portrait)

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