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What One Reader Says
Louise, you are an inspiration! I just finished reading your article in Inspiring Creativity and it's fantastic.

There is so much in that article that resonates with me, and I especially like your tortoise steps.  You know what hit home with me the most?  The pacing section.  I didn't even realize this was one of my issues until I read about it.  In fact, I'm going to try some of the recommendations and the tortoise step for that part.

I also skimmed through some of the other articles and found lots of interesting and helpful stuff.  The one about balancing was a needed read, and I'm looking forward to the one about memoir, and must read the one on self-appreciation. 
What a great book for you to be a part of.  I am so glad I ordered it, and think everyone should!

You know what's kind of funny and might be synchronicity at work...  Friday night, we were going to watch a movie, but the DVD wouldn't play, so we decided to watch a different movie - one that we'd received as a gift and hadn't seen yet.  Guess which movie we watched?  Seabiscuit.  Yep, hadn't seen it, watched it Friday, and what comes in the mail Saturday?  Your book. What's the first thing it mentions?  Seabiscuit.  And guess which DVD worked Saturday night?  Yep, the one that wouldn't play Friday.  Weird, eh.

Dawn M. Hunt, novelist

 Published March 2005
Inspiring Creativity: An Anthology of Powerful Insights and Practical Ideas to Guide You to Successful Creating
Edited by RICK BENZEL, M.A.
Foreword by
author of Coaching the Artist Within and Fearless Creating
Article by Coach Louise
"Creativity Challenges for Persons with Chonic Illness:
How to Thrive, Not Just Survive When You Want to Create"
To order your copy, contact Coach Louise
$14.95 USD plus s&h $5.55 = $20.50 USD
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Ignite your creative potential with advice from 22 professional creativity coaches.
  Whatever type of creative work you do - writing, painting, acting, dancing, composing, crafting, or inventing - Inspiring Creativity will transform your results. Written by 22 practicing creativity coaches, this anthology presents a fascinating array of thoughtful approaches, practical tips, and valuable insights to engage your mind and help you bec ome a more productive, successful creator.
  You'll learn how to give yourself permission to create, find muses to arouse your imagination, develop big ideas and techniques to work deeply, and find time to live your creativity every day. You'll receive the encouragement and support you need to honor yourself and face the challenges of the creative life.
  Powerfully motivating, the 22 articles in Inspiring Creativity represent the collective wisdom of a diverse team of knowledgeable coaches who stand ready to guide you to your full creative potential.
Coach Louise's article:
One of the contributing creativity coaches is Coach Louise, who has written a ten page article, "Creativity Challenges for Persons with Chronic Illness: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive When You Want to Create."



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